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"Switch It Up" featured in Meta Quest 3 ad

"That's A Yes" featured in STARZ promo

"That's A Yes" out now everywhere you stream

That's A Yes_cover art.jpg

"Keep It Movin" featured in VELMA on HBO MAX


"Gimme That New New" featured in Hard Work Club ad

"Write My Story" featured in ALLIANCE INSURANCE ad in Ireland

"Switch It Up" featured in CW's NAOMI


 "Switch It Up" out now


"Gimme That New New" featured in TBS network promos


"Gimme That New New" out now

Gimme That New New_ Cover Art.jpg

"Keep It Movin' " featured in Mirror by Lululemon ad

"Keep It Movin' " out now

Keep It Movin' cover art.jpg

"READY SET GO" EP out now on all platforms worldwide

Olly Anna-Ready Set Go EP-cover.jpg

"Like A Boss" featured in Swarovski Crystal ad

"Girl Like Me" featured in BIG SHOT on Disney Plus


"Juice" featured in Pretty Little Thing ads in Dubai, Qatar & Saudi Arabia

New single and video "Evolution" ft. Keith Phelps released on EARTH DAY 4/22

Evolution cover art.jpg

"Turn It Up" featured in Netflix series TRIBES OF EUROPA


"Juice" & "Like A Boss" featured in BET's AMERICAN GANGSTER: TRAP QUEENS  Season 2

"Juice" & "Like A Boss" featured in BET's AMERICAN GANGSTER: TRAP QUEENS  Season 2


"I'm Feelin' Good" out now!

I'm Feelin Good artwork.jpg

"Just Getting Started" featured in MTV's GHOSTED


New single "Just Getting Started" out now

Just Getting Started artwork.jpg

New single "All Day" out now

All Day artwork.jpg

New single "Like A Boss" out now

LIKE A BOSS cover art.jpg

New single "Shut It Down" out now

SHUT IT DOWN cover art.jpg

"Write My Story" used in International Women's Day dance video

"Girl Like Me" single out now

GIRL LIKE ME cover (1).jpg

"Girl Like Me" featured in Netflix movie BULLETPROOF 2


New single "Ain't Mad About It" Out Now

ain't mad about it cover art.jpg

"Better Than Ever" featured in SAMSUNG 4K TV ads in Brazil

New single "Juice" Out Now

juice art.jpg

"Write My story" featured in Samsung A80 camera rotation ad

"How Ya Like That" featured in Samsung S10 Wireless PowerShare ad

Two new singles "Better (Than Ever)" & "How Ya Like That" out now

Better Than Ever.jpg
How Ya Like That (1).jpg

"BOUNCE BACK" featured in promos for season 2 of NBC's GOOD GIRLS 

New single "Level Up" now available on all digital platforms

Level Up cover art.jpg

"Level Up" featured in ad for clothing company Very in the UK

"Just Like Us" official video out now

"Do It Like Me" featured in INSECURE  season 3 promos on HBO

"Make Me Wanna Clap" featured in trailer for new NETFLIX show INSATIABLE

"Make Me Wanna Clap" featured in episode 3 of UNREAL on HULU

"REBEL CHICK" album out now on all digital stores worldwide

 "Do It Like Me" featured on MTV's CHALLENGE: CHAMPS VS STARS

New single "Do It Like Me" out now on all digital stores worldwide

New single "Turn It Up" out now on all digital stores worldwide

"I Got That" & "How I Like It" featured in THE FOSTERS on Freeform 

"I Got That" featured in promos for Tru TV network

"Just Like Us" featured in movie trailer for THE MIRACLE SEASON

Two new singles "Don't Bother Me" & "I Got That" out now!

"Write My Story" featured in Special K ads in Europe

"Rebel Chick" featured in movie trailer for Blockers

"Just Like Us" & "How I Like It" now available on iTunes and Spotify

"How I Like It" featured in Season 2 promos for HBO's INSECURE

"Write My Story" single now available on iTunes, spotify & all digital stores worldwide

"Write My Story" featured in Wynonna Earp

"Rebel Chick" single now available on iTunes, spotify & all digital stores worldwide

"Rebel Chick" featured in online LEXUS ad

"Write My Story" featured in Disney Channel's original movie THE SWAP

"Highlight" featured in NBC's hit show THIS IS US

"Write My Story" & "Just Like Us" featured in HBO INSECURE promos

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